Data Analytics

NorthStar Services can help you setup an end to end Data Analytics Solution:

Data Analytic Services

In today’s digital world, data, analytics, play a key role in transforming native business operations, creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. NorthStar Group’s data, analytics I services, enable organizations to deliver value across the customers’ journey by empowering users with more agile and intuitive processes.

We leverage data using our data analytics services and solutions, which enables our clients to make informed decisions and offerings to achieve their business objectives. We build machine learning ML-powered models and frameworks and fine-tune decision-making models by aligning them with our clients business objectives.

Our Approach

Step 1 - Define your goals and objectives

What does your organization hope to achieve through an investment in data analytics? Answering this question will help you determine what type of data you need to collect and how you can use it to further your business goals.

Step 4 - Collect and analyze your data

This step will require you to establish processes for data collection, storage, and analysis. You may also need to develop custom algorithms or hire data analysts to help with this process. Self-service analytics tools can help speed up the process.

Step 2 - Determine who will be responsible for data analytics

Will you appoint a dedicated data analyst? Or will data analytics be a shared responsibility among different business teams? Assigning clear roles and responsibilities will help ensure that your data analytics strategy is executed effectively.

Step 5 - Communicate your results

This includes sharing your findings with decision-makers within your organization and developing plans for how to act on your insights. It's also important to document your process so that you can replicate your success in the future.

Step 3 - Choose the right tools and technologies

There are a wide variety of data analytics tools and technologies available, so it's important to choose the ones that best fit your needs. Consider what type of data you need to collect and analyze, then select tools that will make it easy to do so. You should also consider whether you need to invest in any new best in class software platforms to support your data analytics initiatives.

Final - Turn your strategy into a competitive advantage

A data analytics strategy is a vital part of any organization, but it can be difficult to know where to start. If you're looking for a platform to help make the process easier, it might be time to try NorthStar Group With its powerful search and AI capabilities, NorthStar Group can help you quickly create personalized, actionable insights from your data to make better decisions.

What we offer

Data Aggregation

After collecting data from disparate sources, our team of experts stitches the data together in a unified format to better analyze it. Our solutions are aimed at imparting consistency by employing pre-defined processes to collect and manage data across the data life cycle.

  • Collect structured and unstructured data from different primary and secondary sources.
  • Create a data master and provide data in a golden source that complies with regulatory requirements.
  • Input data into relevant databases to automate data ingestion, where possible.
Data Engineering

In this data-driven world, companies are compelled to harness the true potential of data to derive new insights and make effective decisions. This is where our data engineering services and solutions are instrumental in helping our clients make the best of unrealized opportunities.

  • We use product holding data, collection operation data, and collectors’ notes to build models, to enhance the predictive ability of the models.
  • We manage structured and unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP)-based algorithms.
  • We implement appropriate end-to-end data ingestion to data enrichment processes across domains using our data analytics & engineering solutions.
  • We provide automated data ingestion and integration solutions across multiple sources to build a data lake.
Business Intelligence and Reporting

Every modern-day business generates a gigantic volume of data. NorthStar Group with its expert data analytics services and solutions, helps these organizations to fuel their analytics projects and generate real-time reports, insights, and recommendations. NorthStar Group’s approach to business intelligence is driven by our client requirements.

  • Our solutions team interacts with each of our client’s stakeholders to understand the challenges, pain points, business goals, and the existing architecture.
  • We aim to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions for near-future growth
  • We aim to equip organizations with data, and, hence, we provide end-to-end services from engineering the data in the cloud to processing data, performing advanced analytics, creating deep learning models, and visualizing it for the organizations to recognize their trends and weaknesses and plan accordingly.

We at Northstar Inc also have training programs for working professionals who want to venture into Data Analytics field. Write to to know more details and pricing information for the courses.

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