About Us

We Staff IT Roles Across Any Industry

NorthStar Group Inc was founded in 2008 during the recession to help employees succeed in their jobs & lives there by serving customers with fulfilment. The NorthStar Group is the guiding star that helps also beings on earth Our philosophy is “we are in business for the customer”. We feel successful if the customer is happy that their projects are successful & heading towards their mission and vision efficiently.

Our 4 pillars are :

Great User

These 4 pillars can & will build a solid relationship with our customers.

Our Consulting Model

In today’s business environment, it is no longer sufficient to bring your organization to industry standards. You need to perform in the highest levels of your market. High-flying organizations require solutions that can drive real value.

NorthStar Group helps you achieve specific and measurable results through a balanced, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. We provide a combination of onsite & off-site support models to meet our client’s business and budgetary requirements.

Cost Effective & Smart Solutions

We understand that current market demands especially those of many businesses must deal with pressures for continual growth at lower costs. NorthStar Group assists companies to work more efficiently, adaptively and effectively to manage risk. We partner with you to address your end-to-end solution needs in SAP in a holistic way. NorthStar Group provides your business with small, seasoned teams with expertise in various areas of business process, technology, operations, strategy and analytics. By remaining focused on your goals throughout the entire solution life cycle, this close-knit team of professionals helps you outperform your industry standards.

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